(Get Answer) – You Will Write A Paragraph On The Topic That Answers The Question Who Are You Introvert Or Extrovert

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Check the attributes and attitudes , look in the internet and find meanings of any qualities that describe yourself to write a 185 to 200-word paragraph describing who you are. Use additional adjectives, NOT NOUNS, that describe your attributes/qualities/attitudes.
You paragraph must include at least 25 to 30 or more words that must be from your vocabulary list ( at least 10+), TH words (at least 9+ )and regular past verbs(at least 6+) or more.
• Each VOCABULARY word must be -with no exceptions- UPPERCASE or highlighted in your paragraph.
• Your paragraph must be interesting, coherent and truthful
• Your paragraph must not consist of no less than 175 words and no more than 200 words with simple, compound and complex sentences for variety.
• The deadline to hand in part 1 is Wednesday, November 6.

Please, find attached the vocabulary words.


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