(Get Answer) – You Will Record Your Learning In The Attached Learning Journal Document And To Create A Unique Report Visualization From The Data Set Provided

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In this self study assignment you are asked to install/work with Microsoft’s PowerBI analytics tool. If you have a Mac you can not download PowerBi desktop without having a Windows partition created on you Mac. Otherwise you will need to use one of the lab computers which have powerbi installed on them. (warning once installed it take a few minutes to load up)

Your assignment will be go through the Microsoft Getting started with PowerBI desktop tutorial and journalize your learning experience. You will record your learning in the attached learning journal document and to create a unique report/visualization from the data set provided. Also attached is the sample data file.

I have also created a word version of the tutorial and it is attached.

4-Vs-of-big-data (1).jpg (785.32 KB)PowerBi Microsoft tutorial word version.docx (3.22 MB)PowerBI journal file.docx (13.45 KB)Financial Sample.xlsx (81.46 KB)

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