(Get Answer) – You Will Create The As Is And To Be Business Process Diagrams In Visio Studio For The Current Business Process And The Improved Process Featuring Your App

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The As-Is and To-be diagrams will show how the business process currently is, and how your app will improve that process. The goal of documenting these processes is to fold:

  • Show how the user will interact with the app
  • Show how the app will benefit the user
  • Use the BPMN symbols in MS Visio to create the As-Is and To-Be diagrams, each on one page
  • Title each page with a brief description of the business process and which diagram it represents (As-Is or To-Be)
  • Align the BPMN symbols with each other, and center them in the swimlane.Spacing and alignment should be consistent throughout the diagrams
  • When drawing the BPMN symbols, use light-weight borders, and make the text at least 9pt. or higher so that it is legible to a reader
  • Include a copyright symbol (©) and your name in the bottom left corner of each slide

Submit one MS Visio file that contains two pages – one for the As-Is diagram and one for the To-Be diagram.

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