(Get Answer) – You Know What You Are Thinking About Doing You Know What They Are Looking For In A Candidate 1

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You know what you are thinking about doing. You know what they are looking for in a candidate.

Now get real specific on what it is that you don’t have that you need.

Please keep track of the google searches you do, as well as the web sites you visit.

Maintain your documentation somewhere you can find later.
• (10 points) Describe some skills you currently have (welder )
• (10 points) Describe the skill you are most interested in developing this semester( get enough knowledge about my careers)
• (10 points) List the general skill common to all positions you were looking at.
• (10 points) List the skill you feel will be most important for you to be successful in your career (operator machine )

• (10 points) Describe the skill that you are most concerned about being able to develop

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