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Case: You Can’t Do That (Langton, Robbins, & Judge, 2013)

Paul Fromm is a high school teacher employed in one of the most ethnically diverse school districts in Maryland. He is an excellent teacher, and receives high ratings from his students.

During weekends and summer holidays, when he is not working, he participates in conferences held by white supremacists and anti-Semitic groups. For instance, he attended a conference at which swastikas were waving , and individuals gave Nazi salutes. Fromm also attended a celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Though it is known that From attends these conferences, he has never expressed racist views in the classroom or discriminated against any student. “I am here to teach English, not to make a political statement. This is my job, that’s what I do. And I do it very well,” he says.

The school board and some of the teachers are upset with Fromm’s behavior. They feel that what he does even though outside of work time, is not consistent with the school board’s values of encouraging multicultural diversity and respecting differences. Some suggest he should be fired.


  1. You are a part of the school board’ leadership team , what, if anything, should the school board do in this instance? (Answer in one sentence)
  2. Which one approach of Giving Voice to Values (GVV: Gentile, 2011) best guides school board’s decision? (Answer in three to four sentences).
  3. Do you think Fromm should consider not going to further conferences of this sort? (Answer in one to two sentences)


Langton, N., Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2013). Organizational behavior: Concepts, controversies, applications (6th Ed. ). Toronto, ON: Pearson.

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