(Get Answer) – You Are An Economist Tasked With Analyzing A Social Welfare Policy This Policy Is One That You Choose And Can Either Be Passed Into Legislation Or A Proposal 1

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  1. Write a 4-5 page memo responding to the following questions. Thisis not an essay, but a memo. A policy memo is adocument that provides analysis and/or recommendations for a particularaudience regarding a particular situation or problem. A well-writtenpolicy memo reflects attention to purpose; it is well organized; and ithas a clear, concise style. Use headers and keep the information basedin your research on a topic. Use APA citation properly and provide asynthesis of the questions listed below. For resources, you need to diginto government (international or non-profit) documents, publiclyaccessible data, and governmental accountability reports. The writingstyle needs to be clear and to the point. Select a social welfarepolicy for analysis. This policy can be from any country or aninternational policy.
  2. Overview- Provide a thorough description of the policy. What arethe stated goals of the policy? Who is responsible for administration ofthis policy? What is the history of this policy?
  3. Description of the Problem and Context- Provide a description ofthe problem. What is this policy designed to do in regards to thedesired population? Provide a brief analysis of the problems andchanging contexts that the policy is designed to address. Contexts mayinclude scientific and technological advances, societal and economictrends, and issues related to specific locales, especially the ruralenvironment. How and to what extent does (will) this policy help theidentified population?
  4. Description of the Population- Who is the population that thispolicy? Break it down. What are the numbers of enrolled or eligibleindividuals? Describe these individuals. In this section, graphicvisualizations of data are encouraged.
  5. Description of the Cost- How much does this policy cost? Whobears the costs? Among the total government, agency, or organizationalbudget, what is the percentage dedicated to this policy? How has thiscost changed over time?
  6. Description of the Benefit- How much people does this policyaffect? Does this policy improved individuals social welfare? Why?Explain social welfare in terms of this policy. How do we know that thispolicy is working?
  7. Economic Evaluation- Which of the following goals or in whatorder of these goals does this policy meet (efficiency, equity,political feasibility)? How would changes to this policy affect thetarget population? How do you compare the cost and benefit of thispolicy?
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