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Question Description

Please do the excel in the excel sheets I gave you. The grading system can detect cheating behavior

Annaliese Owen

Project Description:

The Turquoise Oasis Spa serves resort guests with a full range of services from traditional and alternative massage to aromatherapy and detoxification therapy. The spa is open seven days a week. Meda Rodate, the spa manager, would like a workbook that allows her to summarize and compare the sales of each therapist and services used for each day the spa is open.

Steps to Perform:



Points Possible


Open the downloaded e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices.xlsx workbook.
Save the file as e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices_LastFirst, using your last and first name.



Customize Quick Access Toolbar to include the Compare and Merge Workbooks command.
Share thee04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices_LastFirst workbook; allow changes by more than one user at the same time.
Save the shared workbook as e04ch07SpaRodate_LastFirst, using your last and first name. Leave the workbook open.
Open the e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices_LastFirst.xlsx workbook. Save the workbook as e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaKia_LastFirst using your last and first name.
In the e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaKia_LastFirst workbook, make the following changes in the Price column for the listed products.
Cell C2: Product=Facial – Mud & Citrus; New Price=100
Cell C7: Product=Makeup Consultation; New Price=100
Cell C8: Product=Manicure & Pedicure Package; New Price =70
Cell C9: Product=Manicure & Polish; New Price=45
Cell C10: Product=Pedicure & Polish; New Price=45
Cell C11: Product=Waxing – Body; New Price=75
Save and close the e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaKia_LastFirst workbook.



In the e04ch07SpaRodate_LastFirst workbook, make the following changes in the Price column for the listed products.

Cell C17: Product=Massage – Deep Tissue; New Price=125
Cell C18: Product=Massage – Deep Tissue; New Price=112.50
Cell C19: Product=Massage – Fusion; New Price=150
Cell C20: Product=Massage – Fusion; New Price=137.50
Cell C21: Product=Massage – Shiatsu; New Price=150
Cell C25: Product=Steam Bath; New Price=75
Cell C26: Product=Tibetan Reiki Therapy; New Price=225

Click Save and close to close the workbook but keep Excel open.



Open the e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices_LastFirst workbook. The title bar of the window should display [Shared] after the file name.
Compare and Merge the SpaPrices workbook with the SpaKia workbook.
Compare and Merge the SpaPrices workbook with the SpaRodate workbook.



Save the changes history on the SpaPrices workbook. Save the changes made by All and list the changes on a new sheet.
Copy all contents of the History sheet.
Create a new sheet named Changes. Paste the contents from the History worksheet.



Save the workbook, exit Excel, and then submit the e04ch07_grader_pc_SpaPrices_LastFirst.xlsx file according to your instructor’s directions.


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