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be careful on the writing style, this is writting class, and do not forget to look at the file i upload

since i have completed the first part of my essay last time, which is the introduction part. i want you to write the rest of the essay this time. however, there are few things you need to improve, I will upload it into a file.

You DO NOT need to write part one once again, all you need to do is just WRITE TWO PAGES FOR PART TWO. However, part one is base on part one, so i provide part one. plz keep continuing to finish it

Write an introduction for Assignment 1F (see below for prompt). To do this, think through the prompt carefully, explore the questions it offers, and make decisions about how you’ll focus your analysis. Your introduction should emerge from a debatable question you plan to explore and should contextualize the claim you want to make. Be sure to write your introduction in such a way that your guiding question and claim are easy for the reader to find. Work to create an introduction that is focused and specific. Your introduction itself should be no more than one page. The rest of your response can be either an outline, a discovery draft, or the beginning of your 1F. 2 pages. (the one i write about is from Jones, Nicholaos. “Liberal Arts and the Advantages of Being Useless.”

1F (the one I WANT you to write). Choose one of the Unit 1 readings( YOU HAVE ALREADY CHOOSE) and accomplish the following: 1) Analyze your chosen argument; 2) Suggest a gap in the author’s presentation of the issue; and 3) Make the move to add to the conversation on the topic.

Your argument should offer some analysis about the validity (or lack thereof) of the writer’s claim, should provide solid reasoning and text-based evidence for your ideas, and should say something about what you hope your paper will contribute to the larger academic conversation. The paper should be able to be understood without prior knowledge of the class readings; it should include a summary of the main argument your chosen writer makes, as well as summarize information, as needed, from the larger conversation in order to support (or complicate) your claim, as well as anticipate opposing positions.

Note that your assessment might not be all pro or all contra—there may be aspects of the writer’s claim that you may agree with, and aspects that you will wish to counter. When assessing the writer’s ideas, you may draw from any of the videos and essays we have discussed in class but you may not draw on outside sources. Using at least one other source from Unit 1 is required.

Potential questions your paper might explore include, but are not limited to, the following:

What is the purpose of education� More specifically, what are the goals of public education and universities� Have they evolved over time� Do they need to continue to change� Do we go to school to gain a set of skills that are directly transferable to a job� Or should a broad, liberal arts education be valued in its own right� Should universities prioritize career training and job placement over other educational goals, or should they specifically resist this approach� How should we make choices about work, in particular choosing what to do for work� What role does technology play in how we make choices about educational pursuits� When and how should we value happiness as we think about our educational and professional choices� How do our choices relate to satisfaction over the course of our lives�

When outlining your paper, begin with the following questions:

What is the writer’s claim� What questions does the writer seem to be interested in, even if the argument does not definitely answer them� What does the writer NOT take into account—or NOT take into account to your level of satisfaction� How might the other authors we have read shed light on or complicate the argument you have chosen to analyze� How do the questions other authors raise contribute to your understanding of the essay you have chosen� What question do you hope your analysis will answer� Why is this particular question important for us to think about�

finally, i will upload all the readings in unit 1, plz choose one of these and do not use outside sources.

“i wanna upload some sources in my requirement
which are from websites………

Brynjolfsson, Erik and Andrew McAfee. The Second Machine Age. Norton, 2014, pp. 187-204.
for this one , you can find pdf vision online

and one more, Wallace, David Foster. “This is Water.” Kenyon College, Ohio. 21 May 2005. Address.
you can find it online, either”

“by the way, this order is not about communication subject, i enter the wrong subject for my order
it should be writing a subject
so, be careful on the grammar”

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