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If I Were ????? Assignment (50 points)

Historical fiction can be very interesting because it places fictional characters in actual historical settings. Your assignment is to write a typed, double-spaced biographical account of yourself in the role, location and occupation of the person you have chosen below, on the date indicated. The essential elements of the assignment are to describe your character and place him/her as fully as possible in historical context. If, for example, you were an Aztec noble in 1519, you would describe the nature of the life of an Aztec noble and your role in the invasion of Cortes. You are invited to create a name and age for yourself. You must adequately describe yourself and your relationship with the events and circumstances taking place that day. You will be graded on how thoroughly you do this. Your paper should be at least two full pages with a one-inch margin and twelve point Times New Roman font; you are also required to submit works cited that include at least one source other than your textbook. You will need to research and find out what you may have experienced in that location during that time. Remember, this is historical fiction, so be as creative as you want.

Choose one of the following for this assignment.

If I Were:

– An African American former slave in Alabama in the late 1860s.

– A Native American of the northern Great Plains in the 1870s.

– A European immigrant working in a factory in New York in 1880.

Grading Rubric

Correct Length and Format 8 points
Correct Number of Sources and Citation 8 points
Correct English Usage, Spelling and Grammar 8 points
Correct/Thorough Description of Event 26 points
50 points total

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