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For the second creative portfolio, due on Thursday, December 5th, at least one of your poems or works of prose must be an emulation of a text we have read in our class, whether from an in-class handout or from our course text, The Practice of Creative Writing. Of course, all the texts in your second submission may be emulations if you prefer, but at least one must be. Please indicate the name of the text you are emulating at the top of the page.

Your workshop submission should reflect thought, effort, and development of an idea beyond a typical free-writing exercise. That is, your workshop submission may grow out of work you have started in class, but you must develop the work outside of class before submitting it for a grade.

Your total workshop submission should be a minimum of 1000 words. This includes at least one poem and at least one work of prose. In addition, your submission will include 2-3 paragraphs of commentary (not included in the word count) addressing your goals in writing and assembling this submission. The commentary paragraph(s) should explain what you hoped to accomplish in these drafts and mention at least two literary techniques (based on those we have discussed in class, i.e. images/sensory details, tension, pattern, etc.) you employed in order to achieve your goals. Please carefully edit your work for typos (the best way to edit is to read the work through out loud) and format it in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. The submission must be typed, and prose should be double-spaced.

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