(Get Answer) – Write Mini Essay Please Discuss The Following Prompt Is Buddhism A Religion A Philosophy Or Both Explain Your Thoughts Using Supporting Evidence

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Write an essay for the following question. Please discuss the following prompt: Is Buddhism a religion, aphilosophy, or both? Explain your thoughts using supporting evidence

The essay should be 500 words (about 2 pages double spaced). For each essay, you will be given a fairly general prompt for you to base essay, with the intention that you will find a more specific thread tailored to your own interests to fit within the theme of the prompt.

your essays will be graded on the following criteria:

a)evidence that the factual material called for in the question is presented and documented; b)coherence of the essay in organization and structure; c)ability to engage critically and analytically with the topic d)evidence of creative thinking; e)correct annotation of sources and presentation of bibliography; f)correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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