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Seek Volunteers for a Nonprofit Organization


Sometimes a company needs employee volunteers to help shape a companypolicy or process or to plan an event. For example, employees may beasked to join a task force on emergency preparedness, to plan a majorcompany social event, or to reexamine vacation policies.

Some of your colleagues will readily volunteer for theseabove-and-beyond, unremunerated commitments, while others will not wantto lend even more time to job-related responsibilities. It’s quite anart to bring volunteers on board for the general good of theorganization and to make them feel rewarded through the volunteer effortitself.

In this application, you are the coordinator of volunteer outreachfor the nonprofit organization Reading Partners, a group working toenhance the reading experiences and literacy of grade-school students.


You need to write a letter to the leaders of a local organization(such as Elks Club, Kiwanis, and the National Organization for Women,etc.) to solicit volunteers to work with your nonprofit’s after-schoolprograms for children aged 5 to 12 years old. You are asking the leadersof other organizations to contact their membership for potentialvolunteers.

The Purpose

You need to solicit 25 volunteers to engage in reading activities forchildren at least twice a week for a total of at least four hours eachweek per volunteer.

In your request, you will tell the organization that once you receivethe names and contact information from the volunteers, yourorganization will schedule several orientation sessions to outlineexpectations, goals, and practical logistics. Your group will also trainthe volunteers on your program’s reading curriculum.

The Audience

Your audience in this case is already orientated toward communityservice, but members are also very busy and will need to be persuadedthat reading proficiency among young children is a serious concern andthat the volunteer’s time will be well spent.

Conduct a bit of Internet research so you can incorporate some key literacy statistics in your letter.

You should also mention some special perks for those who successfullyengage in the volunteer service. Everyone who has worked withvolunteers knows that they are committed to helping, but they alsorelish special opportunities to reward their free services.

Keep in mind, too, that you are soliciting these volunteers throughother organizations. You want to make it easy for the leaders of othernon-profits you contact to pass along your message to their own members.

The Communication Strategy

Write in the spirit of the nonprofit organization to another; thatis, appeal to the recipients’ established interests in civic engagementand community responsibility. Provide enough information (includechildhood literacy evidence referenced previously) about your program toappeal to potential volunteers, and provide clear contact informationand time frame for launching the meetings and training sessions for newvolunteers.

Make it worth the while of the nonprofit leaders to pass along themessage to their employees and investors. Assure them that, in similarfuture endeavors, you would be happy to do the same.

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