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Write a short essay (750 words) that defends a thesis you developed through a close critical reading/analysis of one (or two) works listed in “A Rose From Emily”, “Everyday Use”, and “The Storm”. The ” Essay relies on textual support from the primary text (secondary sources are not required) – not plot summary to develop the student’s argument. Do not confuse “critical analysis” with “plot summary”; the goal is to develop, sustain, And advance a thesis based on a critique of the primary text. Some potential topics are listed below:

1. What impact does the point of view in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” have on a readers’ understanding of and reaction to both Dee and Maggie?

2. What do the quilts in “Everyday Use” represent, and how are the quilts significant to the story’s plot, conflict, and character development?

3. What general attitudes toward sex, love, and marriage does Chopin imply in “The Storm”? Cite evidence from the story to support your answer.

Format. In an academic community that communicates effectively, proper formatting is a mark both of one’s ability to follow instructions and of one’s willingness to interact with one’s colleagues in an accepted, mutually understandable manner. Therefore, it is important that you follow proper MLA format in producing your texts, particularly as you cite your sources. Failure to do so will lower your grade.

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