(Get Answer) – Write An Argumentative Essay That Works Within An Academic Discourse Community That Must Posit An Argument Using The Research Question You Ve Been Exploring As A Starting Point 2

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My post requires 2000 words and I wrote 1000 words. Myrequirement is to write 1000 words to continue my essays based on an essay thatI already had and edit what I already had based on my professor’s feedback. Iwill attach the requirement of this paper, my previous papers, a paper that Ialready had with its feedback from the professor.

The original requirement is:”Write an argumentative essay that works within an academic discoursecommunity. The paper must posit an argument using the research question you’vebeen exploring as a starting point. As evidence for your argument, cite 6 ormore sources (2 of which must be scholarly, peer-reviewed) as quotes,paraphrases, or summaries; they must be cited in your paper and listed on aworks cited page. You may use primary and secondary sources, but please do notuse Wikipedia, study guide websites, or other sources inappropriate for ascholarly argument. Use MLA or APA style consistently for your citations.”

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