(Get Answer) – Write A Research Paper On Any Of The Appropriate Topics Include But Are Not Limited To Evolutionary Theory Primatology Paleopathology Human Skeletal Biology Genetic Studies Forensics Etc

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RESEARCH PAPERYour Research Paper assignment is a 5-8 page (1200 to 2000 words) researchpaper on a topic of your choosing, as long as it pertains to biological/physicalanthropology. Font will be 12pt in Times New Roman (or something very similar), oneinch margins and double-spaced. I will require a header at the top each page with yourname and class, in a similar fashion to the header at the top of this page. Please includepage numbers on a corner of each page of your paper. Do not include a title page, rather abolded title at the top of the first page (similar to this document). Do not over-space thetop of the document. The format of your paper will be in accordance with the AmericanAnthropology Association (AAA) style guide. I have posted the AAA style guide onblackboard.Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, evolutionary theory,primatology, paleopathology, human skeletal biology, genetic studies, forensics, etc. Thiscan be a fun investigation of something you find interesting.You will be responsible for finding at least 3 journal articles that are related toyour topic of interest and using their content to support your paper. As this is an academicpaper sources must be academic peer-reviewed journals, which means no blogs, nowikipedia, no newspapers (yes this includes National Geographic and Smithsonian).Some books may be acceptable, but I would advise against their use, as it may be hard toferret out what would work and what will lose you points.Anything that is not common knowledge requires a citation. You will be using intext citations in accordance to the AAA style guide. A good rule is, when in doubt cite. Ineed to know where you are getting your information. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

CITATION EXAMPLES:Within text:Preferred resources are those that are disproportionately selected relative to theirabundance in the habitat (Marshall & Wrangham, 2007). If you have more than twoauthors list the first author followed by et al. (Marshal et al. 2007).In Bibliography:Marshall, A.J. & R.W. Wrangham.2007 Evolutionary consequences of fallback foods.International Journal of Primatology 283(55):1219-1235.

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