(Get Answer) – Write A Research Paper Amp Presentation For 7 10 Page For Barriers To Implementing And Using Information Security Risk Management In Business

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Barriers to implementing and using Information Security Risk Management inBusiness to include Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Business Impact Analysis,Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning and Computer Incident Response Teams.You can compare Small Businesses to Large Businesses or to Cloud Computing providers OR one typeof industry compared to another industry OR government compared to non-government.Requirements:

7-10 double-spaced pages (at least 7 pages), using 12-font Calibri-Body.o The Cover Page, Reference Page and any space needed for pictures/images are not included inthe required pages.o Make sure Paragraph Line Spacing is set to double-spaced with 0 before and 0 after.

7-10 references (at least 7 references) of which 2 must be Peer Reviewed.o Include a Reference page at the end of the document for each reference used (orderedalphabetically by last name).▪

Ensure each citation within the text is included on the reference page.▪ Ensure each reference on the reference page has at least one citation within the text.o Include all References as the last page of the Powerpoint Presentation as indicated in thePowerpoint Project template.

Once the paper is completed, add an Overview to the start of the paper. The Overview must containat least one Hypothesis (see Rubric) and a Synopsis of what is contained in the paper.o Include the Overview with Hypothesis as the 2nd page of the Powerpoint presentation.

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