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Readings: Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Chapter 24-25
Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Chapter 24-25

Please pick one question and write a paper five (5) pages in length (roughly
1,000-1,500 words), double-spaced, with proper citations (use either the
Chicago Manual of Style or MLA). All the papers are to be presented in Times
New Roman 12-point font. Be sure to use primary sources available in Voices of
Freedom and properly cite the readings.

1. During the 1950s and 1960s, questions about the nature of free market
capitalism and its effects on democracy, equality, and freedom began to emerge
on all ideological sides of the political and economic spectrum. Consider how
libertarians, conservatives, liberals, and the New Left discussed the impact of
capitalism on American society and American values around freedom and liberty.
Compare and contrast the central positions of each group. Be sure to engage the
primary documents heavily to insure a clear presentation of these positions.
What are the major concerns confronting the various groups and how does these
viewpoints effect the development of the Great Society?
Finally, weigh in on which ideas you find most compelling, but be sure to avoid
using the first person in your essay.

2. Along with the critiques of free market capitalism, the 1950s and 1960s
witnessed a period of challenge to the existing social order in the United
States. African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and women worked both together
and separately to demand receive more civil, political, and economic rights and
freedoms or as Dr. King stated ?We are determined to apply our citizenship to
the fullness of its meaning.? Consider their demands as presented in Voices of
Freedom and the positions of those who sought to limit the expansion of those
rights. What are the central and connected ideas in all three groups? What are
their specific grievances? How are they addressed by the American government in
the 1960s?

NOTE: USE ONLY THIS RESOURCES: Readings: Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Chapter 24-25
Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Chapter 24-25

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