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The prompt:

Pretend you are the book critic for the New Orleans Daily News in the year 1899 and write a review of the novel The Awakening(Nella Larson). (In the concluding paragraph of your essay, you may jump to the year 2019 and discuss what a critic today might think of the novel.) Please write a raft draft for this prompt with the outline below.


MLA Format, Times New Roman 12ft. Double spaced, 3-4 pages, include quotes and in-text citation

Essay Outline:


  • Introduce the current woman and man relationship status
    • Relating The Awakening with the current social status of man and woman
    • Stating that the book explores upon the very few numbers of woman trying to disobey the social code and their not so wonderful ending after breaking the social balance.

First Paragraph:

  • Man and woman marriage
    • Man: Dominant
    • Woman: Submissive
  • Woman’s duty after marrying her husband
    • How the main character Edna disobeys her duty as a housewife

Second Paragraph:

– Social Balance in 1890

  • How people like Edna would break the balance
  • Edna’s ending
  • Discouraging woman right now to follow Edna’s path

Third Paragraph:

  • Criticize the writing by pointing out:

-Misleading point of view for housewives to disobey the society and her husband

– Disastrous ending of ones life by choosing to go on the disobedient path

-On the positive side, the novel elevated and emphasized man’s social and family status.


  • In the 1890s people’s view largely differentiates from people’s view nowadays.
    • 1890s: Book is perfectly written but has negative effect on housewives behavior
    • Now: Book reflects the old times and how woman were treated in an unfair way and how woman need a man to make her life complete.
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