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You have been asked by a state senator to come to the senate and give a five-minute briefing on the topic of funding and building disaster resilient communities.The senate has allocated $100,000,000.00 dollars for public safety and several areas within the public safety professions are being asked to make the case for funding in their specific areas. This posting will be your elevator speech. What will you discuss? Will you invoke a more emotional tone, concentrating on humanity and reducing suffering or will you choose to appeal to the self-interest of individuals, or will you take it into another direction entirely.

This is your speech…it is up to you to mold it the way you would want to say it.

Discussion rules…posts need to be intelligent and thoughtful, rich in cited academic sources to support opinions, and synthesized with the course readings, video, etc. for this lesson. Excluding sources, initial posts should be at least 500 words and you will need to substantially respond to at least two of your fellow students.

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