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What are two common nonrenewable sources of energy today, identify three renewable sources of energy that may replace the first two in the future, or at least by 2050. You should identify and explain 5 sources of energy. In your introduction, you should show an approximate idea of what you are talking about. In your conclusion, you should give your opinion on the issue. For example, do you believe that renewable can replace nonrenewable energies, is it worth it, who are the investors, benefits and cost, that kind of stuff. Do not have references in the conclusion. The title should be immediately above the paper in bold. 3-4 pages, APA format but no abstract and cover page is necessary unless you wish to have one. 3 references. 30 points, due TBD, 2019. Do not use sources older than 2000 because renewables were not in use by then.

Not everybody but grammar is not up to college or university standard, please copy and paste your paper here before submission. Nervo or be sure to click on APA at the top right

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