(Get Answer) – Write A Paper In Which You Select One Argument That Socrates Proposes Which In Your View Cannot Be Accepted Whole Cloth But Is Nevertheless Very Valuable Perhaps Because It Contains A Kernel Of Truth

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I uploaded everything you need to write the essay. it must be cited from the same book that mentioned below. The essay needs to be about one of the three topics presented on the next page. You will be required to cite passages from Plato’s dialogues (our primary sources) and at least one scholarly secondary source. In your essay, do not quote what you do not understand. Your paper must demonstrate that you are thinking and not merely reporting what others have thought.

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Some of Socrates’s arguments have endured for a long time even though very few philosophers accept their conclusions. For example, he argues that, at some point prior to our birth, each human soul exists without a body and is able to have perfect knowledge because it is able to ‘see’ the forms with thought alone. But not many people accept his argument in its entirety. Likewise, he proposes a theory of forms which aims to explain how each thing is the kind of thing it is because it participates in a form, but even philosophers who accept something similar to Plato’s theory of forms make significant modifications to it. Write a paper in which you select one argument that Socrates proposes which, in your view, cannot be accepted whole cloth but is nevertheless very valuable (perhaps because it contains a kernel of truth). Explain the argument, where it goes wrong, and explain why it is nevertheless very valuable.

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