(Get Answer) – Write A Five Page Research Essay On Paganism Total Of 1250 Words Plus A Works Cited Page Follow The Guidelines Of The Essay Format

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Write a five-page essay on Paganism (total of 1250 words) plus a works cited page. This essay must include an introduction, two body paragraphs per point you make (i.e. a descriptive and then an analytical paragraph for each point), and a true concluding paragraph.

In the attached file has what is expected and how to write this research essay.

Citations Page.

you must use a minimum of three sources cited in AAA format. Here is the required breakdown:

-minimum 3 sources

-2 of the 3 sources must be from peer-reviewed journals

– The third source will be Palmer (2007) Defining paganism in the Carolingian world. Early Medieval Europe. Nov 2007, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p402-425. 24p.

– You can always gather and use more than three sources.

Intext Citations

Here are expectations and tips

NEVER write-out the name of a publication (i.e. don’t give the title of the publication). ONLY give the author’s name and date of the publication. In many research fields, if a reader wants to know the name of the publication then the reader turns to the Citations at the end of the paper. This is what your writing should look like:

DON’T DO THIS: “In the article Students as Threats (Alfaro 2017), the link between constant language use and institutionalized racism is outlined.”

DO THIS: “In a recent article, Alfaro (2017) explained that the words spoken by correctional officers carried symbolic meaning that reinforced racial inferiority of the inmates.”

3) Make sure to use AAA style. This means that there are NO commas in the intext citations unless you are providing page numbers. Do use page numbers if you provide a specialized word from the publication or a direct quote. Use this reference:…

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