(Get Answer) – Write A Critique Of Loyola S Fall 2019 Production Of Our Town That Includes The Following 1

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1) INTRODUCTION (Worth 10 points)

  • Briefly describe what you saw on stage. Explain the context of the play, such as information about the playwright.

2) PLOT (Worth 10 points)

  • Briefly summarize the plot of the play

3) PERFORMANCE (Worth 10 points)

  • Discuss the acting and the directing. Be sure to include your reactions to specific performances that cause you to have a strong opinion (either good or bad)

4) DESIGN (Worth 10 points)

  • Describe the design elements of the production (such as lighting, sound, costumes, make up, set, and props)

5) REACTION (Worth 10 points)

  • React to the play as whole. What was the experience like? Would you recommend this play to potential audience members? What questions were you left with at the end of the play?

6) STUDY OF THE TEXT ( Worth 10 points)

  • What did you gain from your own study of the text? How did reading the play before seeing it effect your experience?

7) CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE (Worth 30 points)

  • Pick 3 critical perspectives from the following:
    • Social Significance
    • Human Significance
    • Artistic Quality
    • Relationship to the Theatre Itself
    • Entertainment Value

(For detailed descriptions of each, refer to Cohen. Please write at least one short paragraph of each of the 3 perspectives you choose to focus on, relating them specifically to the play you saw.

8) FORMAT (Worth 10 points)

Each critique should be a minimum of 3 typed pages.

It would be great if youve seen the play but if you watch online or really throughly see the reviews it should be fine. MUST SOUND CONVINCING. Let me know if you need anything else.

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