(Get Answer) – Write A Commentary On The Film Maquilapolis Explaining The Relationship Between Gender Labor And Globalization Draw Upon Your Viewing Of The Film As Well As Long T Bui S Article And Lecture

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Write a commentary on the film Maquilapolis explaining the relationship between gender, labor and globalization. Draw upon your viewing of the film as well as Long T. Bui’s article and lecture.

® Genre: Commentary on a film about globalization with incremental layers of context added in.

Genre Example for Assignment 5:

® 4 pages double spaced.

Step 1.Write a draft of this film commentary based on your viewing of the film before class on Tues, Dec. 3. + your reading of Long Bui’s article, also before that class. You should already have a draft for your essay ready before class.

Step 2. Use the guest lecture to help you frame your paper and clarify concepts before you revise this draft and submit it as Assignment 5 by 4 p.m. on Wed Dec 4.

Breaking up the Question:

Summarize the film and use specific scenes and characters to discuss:

  • How do globalization and capitalism impact women workers in the global South? What is the impact of NAFTA on these women’s lives?
  • What are their working and living conditions like? Revisit the concept of intersectionality from Week 4: How do class, gender, and geographical location shape the experiences of women workers in the film?
  • What techniques does the film use and what choices does it make to tell the story of globalization?
  • What role do Carmen and Lourdes play in the film – and as activists? What critiques of globalization and capitalism do they provide?
  • What is Long Bui’s analysis of the film and the relationship between gender, work, and globalization in the context of Asian capitalism and its treatment of Mexican women workers? How do the concepts of “glorientalization” and “cyborgs” shape this analysis? How do Bui’s article and talk deepen our understanding of the issues raised in the film?


  • The film Maquilapolis
  • Long Bui’s article about the film Maquilapolis.
  • Long Bui guest lecture on Dec 4.

® Remember to cite all these sources, in your text as well as at the end (works cited/ bibliography).

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