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Does the paper answer the question posed for the assignment in a logical, well-supported manner?


Is the answer supported by well-researched data, that is properly cited and referenced?


Is the writing clear, concise, and free of grammatical, spelling and format errors?




Case 5: Corporate Strategy

The class discussion centered on the role of corporate strategy, including mergers and acquisitions, including vertical integration.This case assignment is intended to help you explore defining and developing synergies that guide corporate decisions.Your assignment is to use the same company you were assigned Under Armour to examine the potential merger/acquisition targets for Under Armour.You should determine based on the information contained in Under Armours’ 10-K what publicly-traded firm would be an appropriate target firm for a merger or an acquisition with your firm, would the merger be horizontal vertical, what would be the basis of potential synergies between the firms, and conclude with whether you believe the firms’ should proceed with the merger or not.You should specifically name the merger/acquisition firm you are proposing and specifically address the source or the identified synergies.

Writing Specifics: This paper should be three to five (3-5) pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, one-inch margin on all sides and written at a graduate level.Students should reference “Dr. Bubba’s Writing Guide” on Blackboard.All papers may be submitted to a plagiarism-checking website to ensure authenticity of authorship.

Submission Specifics: All papers should be submitted in Word docx file format.Please include your name on the paper and name the file “Last_Name First_Initial M5355 CASE5”.All papers should be submitted in Word docx file format.The file would be named “Shawa Eisen M5355 CASE5.docx” .

Please find the most recent 10-K (2019) online on either Mergent Online through the library of the firm’s Investor Relations section on its webpage.

Suggested Outline:

  • Identify the assignment, the firm you were assigned, the specific firm you are proposing as merger or acquisition target and specifics about this firm including describing its principle businesses, and its revenues, income, and growth rate for the last three (3) years.
  • Explain whether the merger or acquisition is vertical, horizontal, or unrelated diversification.All answers should be clearly supported by data from the two firms’ 10-Ks. Please cite appropriately.
  • Identify the source of synergy or synergies between the two firms and how this synergy or synergies may affect the combined firm’s economic rent, and what data in the 10-Ks led you to that determination.All answers should be clearly supported by data from the two firms’ 10-Ks. Please cite appropriately.
  • Briefly recommend whether the firms should proceed with the merger or acquisition or not.Provide data from the firms’ 10-Ks to support your answers and cite appropriately.
  • Please include references (APA Style) to support citations in the paper.
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