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Learning Objectives:

  • CO1 Define the legal environment that is applicable to the business world.
  • CO2 Review basic business law concepts
  • CO3 Describe the litigation system in the United States
  • CO4 Apply legal concepts to business scenarios


Prepare and submit a Case Brief of the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010). A copy of the court opinion you are to brief is attached. This is a specific type of writing assignment that is a companion to your Week 3 Forum. This Assignment is graded separately and in addition to the forum.

A Case Brief provides a summary and analysis (the “brief”) of the key points in a court opinion (the “case”). In the Week 3 Forum you are asked to research and write about questions based on the Citizens United case. In this writing assignment you are to prepare a case brief of Citizens United. A copy of the court opinion is attached. Also attached is a detailed description of “How to Brief a Case” and a “Word Template” to use.

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