(Get Answer) – Write A 750 1 000 Word Paper About The Significance Of Intelligence Testing For Adolescents

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Assessment plays a significant role in the educational setting.Educators may want to assess what students have learned in class, orthey may want to find out the extent to which students are able to learnmore advance material. A variety of testing instruments are used in alllevels of education.

Write a 750-1,000-word paper about thesignificance of intelligence testing for adolescents. Include thefollowing in your paper:

  1. An explanation of the significance of intelligence tests
  2. Attributes of intelligence tests to include normative culture, language, and so forth
  3. An example of when it would be appropriate to administer an intelligence test and why
  4. A minimum of three scholarly resources in addition to the textbook

Cohen,R. J. & Swerdlik, M. E. (2018). Psychological testing and assessment(9th ed). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Preparethis assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA StyleGuide, An abstract is notrequired.

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