(Get Answer) – Write A 5 6 Page Double Spaced Paper Comparing Similarities And Differences Between Two Countries On Various Aspects

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Attached are the syllabus and description of what the assignment is. With the Possible outline in the second doc, however you do not necessarily have to follow it at all (i did it rather quickly and not really thinking about it back when it was due).

The class is a comparative government/politics class during which we analyzed all sorts of countries across the world, their history, economical or political situation and current events.

Feel free to contact with any questions for any additional information, since I feel like I didn’t give you a lot but can’t think of what else to add of the top of m head at the moment.

If you do not happen to follow my outline at all then please also make a new one, it’s not a big deal but just to be safe. If you somewhat follow it thought it really isn’t necessary.

Please make it double spaced, 5-6 pages, in the requested format and with proper citations.

Thank you!

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