(Get Answer) – Write A 4 5 Page Argumentative Essay Where You Take A Side On A Previously Chosen Analyzed And Written On Topic

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In 4 to 5 pages, write a paper taking the side of the people of Hong Kong, based off of a previously written, and below provided, essay. Make sure everything is in MLA format and all sources are cited. College level essay please. This class is on expository writing so please pay attention to well formatted and flowing sentences. Also make sure the essay is not detectable by TurnItIn or similar softwares.

Provided below should be all information necessary, feel free to text if you’d like any additional information to make sure it’s as perfect as possible.

Provide below are:

-course syllabus

-directions for this essay

-previously written essay from which the argument for this essay is made

-an in class presentation i made that was for Argument development and presentation.

-other class-work which was meant to help us develop our argument, don’t necessarily have to follow it exactly

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