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1.There is a widely held belief that the contemporary hip hop culture posses a threat to social norms. Do you believe that this is the case? Why or why not?

2.What was your personal definition/perception of Hip Hop? What is the history of Hip Hop’s origin, and how did the socioeconomic state of the South Bronx influence the birth of the Hip Hop Culture? How did the emergence of the Hip Hop Movement supplant violence significantly in the 1970’s? What are the four core elements of Hip Hop? Were you aware that these core elements?

3.According to Ogbar, what was the twofold purpose of the minstrel? How has the commercialization of contemporary mainstream Hip Hop contributed to an atmosphere akin to the minstrel shows of the early 1900’s?

4.Watch the provided YouTube link in its entirety. (Explicit Lyrics)

Who was Stepin Fetchit? Is there a link between Fetchit’s performances, and the link provided of Bobby Shmurda’s audition for Epic Records?

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