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How did you cope with these issues( experience any role encapsulation or stereotyping? any boundary heightening?)

Do you have any advice for others in similar situations?

Use the introduction part in the word document for example as interviewee in the hotel.

Here is helpful understanding about the groups.

Skewed and Tilted GroupsTilted groups are groups in which one sex (or any type of group – for example, a racial group) is presentin significantly greater numbers than the other. In skewed groups, the tilt toward one sex isoverwhelming. Hence groups in which men comprise 65 to 85% of the total are considered to be tilted,while those with 85 to almost 100% males are considered to be skewed.With more women entering junior- and middle management positions, the work groups at these levelsare becoming less skewed (and more tilted). However, at upper managerial levels, the groups are still highly skewed in favour of men. How does the composition of the group affect the males and femalesworking within it?People who are almost the representatives of a minority group, face special problems. Since women aremore often rarely represented in top positions at managerial levels, they face several problems. Being anonly or almost only member of a minority group makes them highly visible and more prone toperformance pressures. Most women in such situations feel they have to outperform the males in theirgroups to gain credibility.Dominant group members often resent the attention given to such a “sole representative” member andtend to emphasize the differences between them and the minority group member. This is done throughactivities that highlight their “togetherness” and difference from the minority group member, such as inthe example quoted at the beginning of this section. This is called boundary heightening.Minority group members who are in extremely skewed groups (i.e., where they are the only person ofthe minority group or one of very few members) are also subject to stereotyping. For example, womenmanagers are often expected to bring coffee and take minutes and, in general, to perform activities thatare more in line with the stereotypes of females. This is called role encapsulation.Women in such circumstances sometimes react to their minority status by attempting to become “one ofthe boys” to such an extent that they resent other women entering the group. This is called the queen beesyndrome.

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