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Course Project Part 1: Ergonomics Hazard Assessment

In Units IV, VII, and VIII, you will be building a course project that willassess ergonomic risks and provide strategies to improve a workstation of yourchoice. Your final project will be a PowerPoint presentation due in Unit VIII.During Unit IV, you will focus on the ergonomics-related hazard assessment.

Select a workstation that you are familiar with (preferably one that youwork with regularly or have worked with previously). Perform an ergonomicshazard assessment on that workstation. What are the potential stressors ofthat workstation? What are the potential ergonomic risks and hazards? Whattype of injury could they cause? Explain each hazard in detail.

Your ergonomics hazard assessment should be a minimum of two pages inlength. As part of your hazard assessment, you will include a minimum of twooutside sources to support your findings. One source must be from theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website, which can beaccessed by clicking the following link:

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