(Get Answer) – Write A 1 Page Decision In The Quot You Be The Judge Quot Case Of Gulino V Bd Of Edu Of The City School Dist Of N Y

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Read the facts regarding the case of Gulino v. Bd. of Edu. of the City School Dist. of N.Y., presented at page 359 of the textbook. As in all the “You Be the Judge” assignments, the facts of the case, will give you just enough information to understand what happened that brought the parties to court. After the facts, there will be the disputed issue that was presented to the court for an answer. Following the issue, you will see the arguments made by the opposing attorneys. Note that there is no decision. Your assignment is to pretend you are the judge in this case and to issue a decision and order that answers the legal issue and that uses the law and facts to support the decision, in a well-reasoned discussion.

Pretend that you are the judge and write a decision in a 1 page paper that includes your reasons or rationale for the court’s holding. State the reasons for your decision clearly. Remember that some of the attorneys’ arguments will be more persuasive than others. Decide which, if any, contribute to your decision; it is okay to use those that are persuasive or explain why some are not. Perhaps you have your own reason for making the decision. That is okay, too – SO LONG AS YOU SUPPORT YOUR DECISION. .

Complete and submit a 1 page decision and upload your file as a Word document. Remember to follow both the YBTJ format of these exercises AND to submit your work in APA in order to receive full credit for your work. The APA will allow you to use academic citations for research you do that aids you in answering the question.

When you have completed your decision as a Word document, click “Attachments” to upload your file. Remember to follow the format of these exercises in order to receive full credit for your work. Submit your work in APA format also, in addition to the YBTJ format. This will allow you to use academic references and citations where necessary.

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