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I do not want an introduction and references. and write 4 pages.

First: through your reading of this case, I ask you to do SWOT analysis for:

1/ Hotel/ Motel and 2/ group housing solutions (that’s mean you have to create SWOT analysis and discuss areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats for the two solutions).

You have to write and mention Hotel/ Motel and group housing solutions in SWOT analysis.

I will submit examples of SWOT analysis.

1/ Hotel/ Motel and 2/ group housing solutions are solutions for the problem in the case which is end homelessness in Seattle.

Hotel/ Motel means move homeless families and women to Hotels and Motels.

group housing means make people share their houses and split the payment.

Second: you have to write about the three points below :

1. an action plan

which means an action plan for both solutions.

2. timeline.

which means a timeline for both solution

3. budget needed to implement the plan.

do excel to the budget needed.

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