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Managers will need to be able to direct both RCM and Cost Containment activities for their organizations to survive and thrive. The assignment on Cost Containment needs to focus on one of the major cost categories for healthcare providers and the practical solutions being used to contain/cut these.

Be clear that this assignment is not about how to lower Patient Costs or lowering the price of care from the government or publics’ perspective. This is focused solely on reducing/containing a provider’s business operating costs/expenses below the expected reimbursement levels..

• Salaries & Benefits:
 Reducing layers of managers
 Benefits management issues (incl. health insurance)
 Outsourcing vs in-house
 Overtime and sick time
• Supply Chain Management and/or Materials Management
 Group Purchasing
 Inventory Management
• Pharmaceutical Costs (very political)
 Different Delivery Models
 340B
 Working with physicians
• IT Interoperability (must include consideration of both Capital and operational costs)
• Physician Contracts and Compensation
• Energy, Utilities and Waste Management

Ideally your report will cover:

• Current/historical costs;
• Prior efforts to contain these and any limitations;
• New efforts being considered or having been successful;
• What is needed to achieve the goals
• Your assessment

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