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1)Summarize, with a minimum of 150 words, your understanding of chapter 11 (response).

2)Let us consider a company EnergyA that is a global leader in producing energy from diversified fuel sources for the U.S and U.K consumer markets with approximately 8.9 million electricity and gas consumers worldwide. Recently, the company’s website was under attack from a botnet titled fringe47. The company is under major scrutiny and is under pressure from several sources.

Discuss how the security principles that we learned this week Diversity and Commonality can help to prevent Botnet attacks against EnergyA. Ensure to discuss why the concept of diversity and commonality is paradoxical. Discuss the challenges that are involved in implementing diversity and commonality at the national infrastructure level. Please provide examples to support your discussion.

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Create a new thread and share your perspectives with examples and references to course material

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