(Get Answer) – Would The Merchant S Defense Relieve Craft Supplies From Liability Under The Cause Of Action Of False Imprisonment 1

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in this case report i got assigned the business law question of the report so i have to present a slide to the class on the question for my part : Q: Would the merchant’s defense relieve Craft Supplies from liability under the cause of action of false imprisonment?

Answer the question including the 12 elements in case text

including each element in the article 215 (element 1,2,3 (A.b.c.d.e.f.g),4,5)

the elements that you need Starts at the last paragraph on page #10 and end at the first paragraph on page #11

“Art. 215. Detention and arrest ofshoplifter….”

attached you will find the two business law concepts (2 & 9) you may or may not want to review for the case to help you prepare for it, Case Text “do it yourself craft supplies “

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