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World War I

Review the following resources:

  • Link (video): A War to End All Wars: Part 2 (Links to an external site.) (6:56)
  • Link (library article): The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Nazism (Links to an external site.)

Then, address the following:

  • Trace the origins of World War I, and assess if the world war was inevitable in 1914?
  • Explain if it was possible for the United States to maintain neutrality in World War I. If yes, explain how. If no, explain why not.
  • Analyze if the United States should have entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy.
  • Analyze if the Treaty of Versailles was a fair and effective settlement for lasting world peace.
  • Explain if the United States Senate should have approved of the Treaty of Versailles.
    • Read/review the following resources for this activity:
      • Textbook: Chapter 18, 21, 22
      • 1 source that corresponds with your selected topic (noted in the topic instructions)
      • Minimum of 3 scholarly sources (in addition to textbook)
      • Length: 3
      • 1-inch margins
      • Double spaced
      • 12-point Times New Roman font
      • Title page
      • References page
      • In-text citations that correspond with your end references
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