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Select the link, World War Two: Summary Outline of Key Events (BBC), (Links to an external site.) and choose one year of the war (found on the left side of the web page).

Write a letter home of at least 300 words. Find descriptions ofevents that took place that year to write about in a letter home.

Special note: On January 24, 2013, the U.S.military’s ban on women serving in combat was officially lifted. DuringWW2, women served in U.S. military as auxiliary forces as WACs, WAVEsand WASPs but obviously did not face combat and their farthest overseaspost was Hawaii.

However, tens of thousands of Army and Navy Corp nurses servedoverseas, beginning with Hawaii and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Whileofficially “behind the lines,” these women experienced war. Andtherefore may be a template for your own Letter Home.

Engage all of the senses so your reader can hear, smell, taste, andtouch the realities of war. Be sure that we know who you are, who youare writing to, your country, and your role in the war. Avoid leavingfamily members hanging at the end of the letter and include a date.Avoid including information that would not pass the censors or risk youbeing killed for sharing it.

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