(Get Answer) – Work On Focusing The Project By Further Investigation Of The Countries You Have Chosen Add Details About The Economy Exchange Rates And Foreign Market

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Activity 1 Team Share and Discuss

In teams discuss the information you found on your initial investigation of several possible locations for the overseas business. Discuss what factors you found will help to narrow down the locations and why. Each member decides on a country for their business expansion. (or teams may choose to work together and choose three countries)

Activity 2 Exchange rates and the foreign exchange market

Based on what you learned about exchange rates, figure the current exchange rate for the countries you investigated.

For more help take a look at the video, How Exchange Rate Works

Decide what effect this will have on your decisions.

Activity 3 Project:

Work on focusing the project by further investigation of the countries you have chosen. Add details about the economy, exchange rates, and foreign market.

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