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OLLO is an e-commerce company specializing in mail-order retail. Over the next two years, the company hopes to increase sales by 30%, as well as increase its internal staff by 15% over the next year to support this effort. Offices are being asked to support this effort by creating a plan for the next two years to increase sales numbers, as well as support the increasing number of internal staff to be brought on during the next year. The plan will be delivered to stakeholders within OLLO to gain their support.


  • Restricted to offices at OLLO locations (domestic only, not international)
  • Does not include external activities outside of the mail-order services OLLO provides


  • Increase sales at OLLO by 30% in the next 2 years
  • Increase internal OLLO staff by 15% in the next year to support the sales growth
  • Demonstrate the plan to stakeholders within OLLO to gain their support

Create the WBS in Microsoft® Project.

Use the decomposition technique to identify tasks that must be completed. Break these tasks into smaller packages when necessary.

Include a justification of approximately 175 words for each task.

Explain why each task must be completed in the manner and order you chose.

Include a WBS dictionary.

Write a summary of approximately 1,050 words in which you describe the role of a project leader in creating a WBS.

Explain strategies a project leader would use to interpret the project scope statement, conduct relevant research, and develop the WBS. Also, include how the PM will present this information to stakeholders in a way that will generate support for the project.

Combine the WBS, justifications, and summary into a cohesive report.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment. Your assignment should consist of 1 deliverable. Please combine all WBS or other materials into a single document.

* My portion is just the WBS creation. However I have attached what my teammate completed to carry out deliverables.

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