(Get Answer) – Witing Report 250 Words About 17 Sdg I Need To Write 250 Words About 17 Sdg And Answer 5 Questions Bellow Attached Is The 2019 Sdg Report That Was A Result Of The 24 25 September Sdg Summit

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i need to write 250 words about 17 SDG and answer 5 questions bellow

Attached is the 2019 SDG report that was a result of the 24-25 September SDG Summit. Please go through the report.

I have also attached the SDG 2019 Stat report that includes the company profiles (starting on page 80).

1- What was the most shocking part of the report for you?

2- What was a result/ achievement/ loss that made you feel happy? upset?

3- What SDG were more addressed than others? why do you think?

4-How many countries have worked towards achieving the goals? how many have not? how many do you think are trying?

5-Choose a goal and a country that presented results for that specificgoal – what helped them reach that goal ? provide one example of aneffort that country worked on for that goal you chose.

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