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Renaissance values altered the course of European culture dramatically. Among their many influences was a transformation of the visual arts, painting and sculpture. Examine some of the samples pictured in our textbook from this period, and consider their relevance to the arts of our own time.


Our lives unfold in complicated ways—some we control and some we do not. But we all do our best to understand what we do and what happens to us in ways that give meaning to who we are. So, we tell stories; we construct narratives that give expression to what matters most to us. Sometimes we share these stories with other people, but many of them are private expressions that we use to make sense of ourselves to ourselves.

So, in your initial post, tell us a story. Share with the class a personal narrative—one of your own or someone else’s—that constructs the meaning of a human life. Consider whether even slight changes in the content of this story might alter the meaning entirely. How does the narrative framing help to shape the future of the individual who expresses it?

Response Guidelines

Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them. Be respectful of what others reveal about themselves, friends, and family, but do not be afraid to offer alternative ways of telling the same story—narratives that attribute a different meaning.



In Landmarks in Humanities, read:

  • Chapter 7, “Rebirth: The Age of the Renaissance,” pages 176–215.
  • Chapter 8, “Reform: The Northern Renaissance and the Reformation,” pages 216–241.
  • From Chapter 10, “Baroque: Piety and Extravagance,” pages 274–276.
  • From Chapter 11, “Enlightenment: Science and the New Learning,” pages 306–308.

Optional Reading

You may find the following helpful:

  • Lennard, J. (2007). William Shakespeare: Hamlet. Penrith, England: Humanities-Ebooks.
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