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 Man Flowgorithm Program You must complete this assignment on your own. If you need help, please send me an email with your .py file attached and tell me where you are stuck. I will help you get unstuck, either via Zoom or via email. Create a flowgorith file named YourNameTaxMan.fprg•Part 1: Declaration of VariablesoPut a comment in your code that says Part 1oDeclare all the variables you will need for this programoDo not assign any values in Part 1•Part 2:User InputoPut a comment in your code that says Part 2oGather the following information from the user: first name, last name, gross income and number of children•Part 3: Calculations / FormattingoPut a comment in your code that says Part 3oCalculate the user’s dependency exemption, as follows: number of children times 2,000oCalculate the user’s taxable income, as follows: gross income minus dependency exemptionoCalculate the user’s tax due, as follows: taxable income times 15%oFormat the values that will be displayed, if needed•Part 4: OutputoPut a comment in your code that says Part 4oDisplay the information entered by the user, in the following format. It should be formatted exactly as pictured. Of course,the names and amounts will vary, depending upon what the user enters. •Part 5:Say byeoPut a comment in your code that says Part 5odisplay a message to which says: Goodbye from _____ (Fill in the blank with your full name. )•Submit the assignment as followsoSubmit the .fprgfile in CanvasoI do not give credit for code that does not run or that crashes while it runs. If you have problems running your code, sendme the .fprg file and in the body of the email tell me the error message you get when you try to run the code. Within 24 hours Iwill email you back and tell you how to fix it.

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