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This course includes a final research project, which should be an analysis of a contemporary Quality issue. Each student is encouraged to choose an issue they would like to make their subject select a position pro or con and notify the Professor of the issue and position for the project by mid-semester (week four at the latest).
This project is intended to explore the history of the issue, changes that have occurred and how those changes impact Quality in an organization. The usage of current and historical statistics will be useful in supporting your position and analysis.
Assignment: Write a report on your findings in a management report style. This implies that the report begins with an executive summary, which briefly summarizes your findings.
After the executive summary, the support material for your findings is explained in more detail. Look to divide the material into 5 or 6 sections and site the information that lead to your conclusion in the executive summary. Proper references and citation is required from at least two (2) outside references.
The over-all length of this report should be 3-4 pages of approximately 1000-1500 words. The Final Paper must be submitted in a Microsoft Word compatible format, no exceptions – if I cannot open it to read it, I cannot grade it. Absolutely no work is accepted by email or disks (CD or USB). It must be placed in the Angel Drop box. You may submit your work early to have a chance to make correction in posting.
Please review the attached rubric and use it to guide your content and work for this project. Critical thinking skills are crucial to your being successful in this project.
Note: Unrelated detail, which has no effect on your conclusion, is usually not included in a management report. Remember, management usually does not have the time to spend digging through unrelated detail. What they want is, what did you find and why did you come to that conclusion. Avoid long technical discussions unless that is what has been requested. You have only a few minutes of management’s time to make your point. Final Paper Assignment: The Final Paper will be focused on your choice of one to no more than three of the chapters in the textbook. (i.e. Writing Business Messages, Crafting Messages for Electronic Media or Planning Reports and Proposals…)

The Paper will provide additional insight in to the topic and reflect the application of that material to the enterprise environment.

The Paper will consist of the following:

• Cover page with your name, date, semester, and course information.

• The paper will use the “New Times Roman” font with a point size of 12, double spaced with margins no greater than 1”.

• It must be grammatically correct and all spelling must be checked.

• The Final paper will consists of at least 1500 words, (about 4-5 pages not counting cover sheet or reference page).

• The paper must provide footnotes and/or full credits for reference material used (must include a minimum of two (2) references outside of the text).

• The term paper must be submitted as an attachment in a Microsoft Word compatible format (be sure of this, Mac users and Works users, if I cannot open your paper, I cannot grade them). Papers are due no later than one week prior to the end of the semester via the Final exam drop box. Check the Syllabus/Course Calendar at the end of the Syllabus for actual dates.

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